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Smart Working

Sophie has been working very location-independently for many years and knows what guests expect from a holiday flat with a workplace. 

Casa Sophie is therefore perfect for a few weeks of "smart working" on Lake Maggiore. Anyone who works a lot on the computer, regularly makes calls or simply wants to write undisturbed on their own book project or doctoral thesis will feel perfectly at home in Casa Sophie and at the same time not have to miss out on the advantages and treasures of Ticino.

Second Screen

Of course, the flat offers a screen and the appropriate adapter so that you can conveniently connect your laptop.

USB-C hub and docking station

No matter what connection you have, the generous USB-C hub is sure to have the right connection for every cable.

Cafe of your choice

Most smart workers can't imagine doing without coffee. Casa Sophie has a Nespresso machine with many different coffee capsules AND an Italian Bialetti coffee maker for the right coffee aroma.


Sophie has already built up a large network of local and international smart workers in Ticino. So you are not alone in Ticino, but will find a multitude of links and contact opportunities in the flat. If necessary, Sophie can give you a few tips in advance.


Between the living area and the kitchen is a perfectly furnished desk that can be easily closed when not in use.


In addition to the monitor and the USB hub, Casa di Sophie also has a monitor and a keyboard that make your workplace perfect.

Quick Wifi

Of course, Casa Sophie also offers fast internet or wifi for all your devices.

Breaks are provided

And if you need a break, it's worth either a quick swim in the lake or a jog along Lake Maggiore,

Smart-Working Tipps

Sophie has been working from Ticino on and off for over 3 years and now has a few tips for all co-workers and anyone else who would like to work from Ticino.

If you would like more tips or have any questions, just send an email to

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